Patricia McMillan for Orange County Legislature, District 3

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:28

    Patricia McMillan is that rare individual who knows how to build consensus. She asks questions until she understands the interests of the people representing all sides of an issue and probes and prods until she finds a way to reach a solution.
    In this day and age, we desperately need someone who knows how to cut through unyielding partisanship to get things done.
    I know McMillan can do the job because, while employed at a global bank, she “herded cats” among all the parties to the deal until she secured a unique loan for the community development organization I was working for.
    That loan was used for affordable housing in low-income neighborhoods in need of revitalization.
    The community development organization called it a victory, but so did the others because McMillan created a win for each party.
    McMillan’s promises:
    “Your Government. Your Choices.”
    “A government for all, not just the few.”
    She will deliver. She knows how.
    Elizabeth L. Pugh
    New York City