'Our village will greatly benefit if allowed for innovation'

| 05 Feb 2020 | 12:38

    I’d like to begin by congratulating Roger Gavan for his outstanding work and commend the Town of Warwick for recognizing his talent and dedication.

    The article written by Gavan, “Changing the Face of Downtown” on Jan. 16, 2020, is an example of a thriving and supportive community that allows for creativity and innovation to stimulate revenues, commerce and prosperity. Although a close neighbor to us, Florida seems to be light years ahead of our village, where many businesses, builders and investors find themselves stifled by the rigid and antiquated restrictions placed on them by the local governing body.

    Just like the Village of Florida and Town of Warwick, our village will greatly benefit if allowed for innovation that does not get trampled by the bureaucracy, which seems to be the main focus of our government officials today.

    Without continuing progress within our community, I’m afraid we will, soon enough, sink into a stagnant and declining economic state. In words of John F. Kennedy: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”.

    The only way for our village to continue to prosper and withstand any economic challenges that may come about is through the union of progression, creativity and historic remembrance.

    That is why I have chosen to run for the Village Trustee position. My goal is to strengthen and amplify the local commerce, bring about more tax revenue, local services, local jobs and more opportunities for the local people. I officially announce my candidacy to run for the Village of Warwick Trustee position on election day, March 18th 2020. Also, I would like to endorse Mark O’Mahoney for the Village Trustee position and support his values and platform. We both stand for and support diversity, transparency and accountability of local government.

    If you share our values and beliefs, please sign the Village Independent Nominating Petition by Feb. 11. Signature sheets are available at the following local businesses:

    Warwick Pools, Daisy’s Nails, Yesterday’s Restaurant, Beverage Plus, Queen’s Village Cleaners, Tokyo Plum House, Ledo Cleaners, Studio Esthetique, Sam’s Meat Warehouse, Orange County Sports Club, Anytime Fitness, Galloway Grill, Beyond Barre, Mister Bill’s Auto Repair and NAPA G&T Auto Parts

    Thank you so much,

    Stephen Kitar