Orange County Sheriff DuBois and Undersheriff Jones: Cuomo should resign

| 04 Aug 2021 | 07:58

    It is clear, following the release of the Attorney General’s investigative report, that no state, county or local government employee who engaged in such conduct as Governor Andrew Cuomo did would retain their employment. The Governor in his response to the report offered an explanation that is contrary to public policy for all public employees that has existed for than 20 years. The Governor was, or should have been aware, that his conduct was contrary to training on sexual harassment that he and every other public employee has been subject to.

    Further, some of the events documented in the report of the Attorney General constitute criminal conduct by the Governor. Every police agency and prosecutor in a geographical area where such crimes are alleged to have occurred should immediately engage in a criminal investigation to determine whether arrest and prosecution are appropriate.

    Conduct of this nature would never be tolerated in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and any employee who did would face immediate investigation. When the facts are established, as they are in the report of the Attorney General, that employee would face termination. Accordingly, Sheriff Carl E. DuBois and Undersheriff Kenneth T. Jones call upon Governor Andrew Cuomo to recognize his conduct and accept his professional responsibility to resign his Office of Governor immediately to save the New York State Assembly and Senate the unnecessary and costly process of impeachment that further falls on the residents of New York State.