One-party rule

| 25 Oct 2021 | 08:23

    I read with great interest the letters in last week’s edition. Predominantly in support of the Democratic candidates for Town Board and Justice.

    The chief complaint seemed to be good ole boys club and one-party rule having been the way for far too long. I laughed because as a life long resident of New York (58 years) , one-party rule has been the case for as long as I can remember: Democratic rule. The quality of life in our state has seen a steady decline, in my humble opinion, ever rising taxes, utility costs, declining educational standards, increased crime, the list goes on and on...not to mention the number of folks fleeing our state to the point we have lost representation at the federal level of government due to declining population.

    But back to our town. Warwick currently enjoys an ever-improving quality of life for most. We are blessed with top notch schools, a vibrant arts and cultural landscape, many acres of open space, farms, orchards...heck, we have a bowling alley and ski area ( the oldest in New York, I might add).

    The attraction to our town is so strong that it even brought in the folks seeking town positions on the Democratic ticket. I ask you: Is this not progress?

    These same Republican “ good ole boys” helped create PDR which has, in my opinion, saved this town. Helping to maintain and sustain responsible developmen, avoiding the pratfalls of so many of the surrounding communities. Drive around Orange County. Do you want to be Monroe? Blooming Grove? Chester?

    The same stewards of our town were instrumental in purchasing the prison site and working to again, see it’s development in a concise, responsible, manner.

    Our town has its own independent police force, hardworking men and women, selflessly serving one of the largest square mileage towns in the state. An all-volunteer emergency service system of EMS and Fire, answering almost 2,000 calls combined a year - all fully supported by these same “good ole boys”

    I was born in Tuxedo, I have called Warwick home for 30 years. My wife and I raised our three children here, beneficiaries of all this town has to offer. I count my blessings every day for living here.

    Are my taxes higher than I would like? Hell, yeah, but I look at the return on this investment and see around me a strong, vibrant community. If it ain’t broke, stop trying to fix it.

    In as much as it may seem imperative to some to “diversify” the town government to ensure that everyone is represented, it seems to me we are, if we weren’t, we would not have moved here or stayed here.

    Stay well, Warwick.

    James Mehling