‘Never giving up. Deeds. Not just words’

| 20 Jul 2020 | 08:05

    One of my martial arts students wrote to me today ... tired and dismayed. My reply:

    Human nature is a funny thing. We, as a species, are tribal by habit. Seems everyone is at the point you are right now. At first quarantine was novel; so was Zoom.

    Then people became restless and a bit ornery. Some even became downright dangerous to themselves and their fellow humans.

    At this point, we are all looking at one another and asking: “What’s next?”

    No one can answer that because we are seriously in uncharted territory. The political situation makes it worse.

    So ... we need to take custody of the situation individually, reexamining our priorities and applying every ounce of virtue, mindfulness and sensibility that we can.

    We must stand strong for ourselves and each other when possible. This is the true value of Never giving up.


    Not just words.

    We cannot allow ourselves to implode.

    We must stoutly carry on in the cruel face of supreme adversity. Because, we simply don’t know what’s next ....

    Yet, given our resolve, we will, somehow, triumph.

    I mean it.


    Grandmaster Doug Cook

    Chosun Taekwondo Academy