Mitch McConnell is Kentucky's Robin Hood

| 27 Apr 2020 | 02:16

    So Mitch McConnell says the blue states that have high corona infections should declare bankruptcy. That includes New York State.

    McConnell is a senator from Kentucky and controls the U.S. Senate. N.Y.S. gets 83 cents back for every dollar it sends to the fed. Comes out to 26.6 billion in 2018.

    That is 26.6 billion we the residents of New York have sent to the federal government more than we get back.

    Kentucky, however, gets $2.61 back for every dollar it sends to the fed.

    Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the union. McConnell is the 11th richest Congress person in Washington.

    If I were a Kentucky voter sucking money out of New Yorkers and other North East states (Connecticut , New Jersey and Massachustts), I would continue to vote for McConnell as my Robin Hood.

    I would not care if he was a horrible senator and put everything on hold with a vengeance against the opposite party.

    I would put my pride on the back burner and continue to drink deeply from the North East trough. Self respect be damned.

    If I only get 83 cents for every dollar I pay in federal taxes, I should have my federal tax bill reduced by 17 percent.

    Those numbers were for 2018 and I would bet they are worse since the SALT limited was instituted.

    Our North East states are getting the screws put to us.

    Rather than fighting it, we move. That gives us less representation where it counts.

    Gov. Cuomo, why not sue the feds on behalf of your constituents? Why should we keep feeding the kitty only to get people like Mitch to tell us to declare bankruptcy?

    And Trump to take out his vengeance on us and move to Florida.

    Gerard Freisinger