Midterm election risks

| 20 Sep 2022 | 11:36

To the Editor:

As we watch Ukraine’s citizens defend their country against the incursion of Russia, we can’t help but admire their courage and resolve. Perhaps that comes from the fact that the memory of living in an authoritarian country is still fresh in their minds.

Here in the United States we have not had to face another country attempting to impose its form of government on us for centuries. Nevertheless, we find our democracy threatened from within. It is threatened by those who falsely claim there is extensive fraud in elections, who pass more restrictive voting regulations, and foment distrust in government institutions. Democracy is also undermined by those who want to limit freedom of religion, equality of opportunity, and the right to make one’s own healthcare decisions. It is also evident in the effort to politicize the judiciary, control the news media and education, and erode the rule of law.

Unless we have leaders who put the preservation of democracy ahead of their self-interest, we risk becoming an authoritarian country. That is why the midterm elections are so important. The governors, representatives, and senators we elect are our safeguards to protecting our democracy. Please be sure to vote for candidates, who will uphold our rights and ideals, on Tuesday, November 8.

Dorothy Kelly

Warwick, NY