Martucci disputes Hochul’s veto of funding increase for schools for children with disabilities

Statement from Senator Mike Martucci, Ranking Member of Senate Disabilities Committee, on Governor Hochul’s Veto of S6516A

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| 01 Jan 2022 | 08:38

    Today Governor Hochul vetoed bipartisan legislation, S6516A, that I co-sponsor, that would require the State to provide schools for children with disabilities with the same aid increases that public schools receive. This is a simple issue of equity. Children with disabilities are not second-class citizens. In 2021, no one should be treated, paid, or funded differently because they have a disability. It’s discrimination and outrageous.

    The Governor has said this should be done in the budget. Well, with her presentation imminent, why not just sign this important bill, and then include the money? It’s not like she hasn’t already been announcing spending every single day for weeks. She failed to sign this bill because she wants the legislature to negotiate for this funding in the budget, where she has more leverage. Basically, she is using disabled children as political pawns. Andrew Cuomo would be proud.