Library seeks neutrality

| 17 Aug 2022 | 07:05

    To the Editor:

    The Board of Trustees of Albert Wisner Public Library has decided this year not to designate a newspaper of record, since the Library is not legally required to have one. The Library’s position of trust in offering a neutral environment drives this decision. As a corollary, we recently requested that the Warwick Valley Dispatch remove the Library’s name from its masthead.

    Albert Wisner Public Library has long enjoyed a constructive, positive relationship with both the Warwick Advertiser and the Warwick Valley Dispatch. The Board of Trustees thanks the Editors of both newspapers for their support in covering information on all that the Library offers. We look forward to the Library’s ongoing connection with both of our local newspapers in service to the Warwick community.


    Mark Damia

    President, Board of Trustees

    Albert Wisner Public Library