'Let us know if you want to swap houses'

| 06 Jul 2017 | 04:03

    In answer to the people who live in Vermont and love eating in Yesterday's on the Main Street I ask:
    Why don't you move back, buy a house on Van Buren Street, a quiet residential part of town, that would have a nice family restaurant, with a 90-seat bar, outdoor decks, music? You could have it just feet from your home.
    We moved from Vermont to Warwick. Maybe we should move back to Vermont. We know it well and this would never be allowed to happen in any of their villages.
    Oh yes, you could buy something for a pretty good price, as the property value will be going down. Would you not be able to eat and enjoy Yesterdays if it were a mile or so out of town.
    Let us know if you want to swap houses.
    Respectfully yours,
    Susan Dworkin