Keep the school board that is attracting families to our district

| 03 May 2023 | 10:36

    To the Editor:

    In marketing we’re taught “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” This maxim came to mind as I consider the upcoming school board election.

    We moved to Warwick 17 years ago, when we relocated to Orange County. We picked Warwick specifically because we felt that the school district was the right fit for our children. Today, the Warwick Valley School District is the only district in the county and one of the few in the state that is growing. This means that families are continuing to choose Warwick schools for their children, and this in turn helps maintain our property values. This endorsement of our schools by families moving into the district is critical and one that we must maintain.

    This district’s growth reflects the priorities of our school board. It has been laser focused on the input that the community provided through surveys and meetings on the long-range strategic plan for our district. Through community feedback, the district developed their “portrait of a graduate” and created additional pathways to graduation. We currently provide 100 college-level credits while also moving vocational programs back to the district from BOCES, saving additional funds. Warwick Schools have received the national blue- and green-ribbon awards. Our current school board pursued significant non-tax revenue through the solar farm and 200+ tuition-paying students.

    Let’s ensure the continued success of our district by re-electing our current school board candidates Bob Howe, Dory Masefield, and John Garcia on May 16.

    Diane Rowe