Karen Amundson for Warwick Town Justice

| 16 Oct 2023 | 04:39

    I am writing to express my support for Karen Amundson for Warwick Town Justice, As a concerned resident of Warwick, I believe it is crucial to have an experienced person as our town justice; Karen has a long resume working both as a criminal prosecutor and public defender.

    It is essential for our community to have a justice system that is not only fair but also open and accessible to all residents. I have known Karen for over 10 years and her strong ties to the community include ensuring everyone is treated with respect and compassion.

    Secondly, as a retired NYPD sergeant I often experienced the harm to both sides in court due to the backlog of cases leading to long delays that keep police officers in court instead of in the community. This backlog can lead to delays in the delivery of justice, which can be frustrating for both plaintiffs and defendants. I believe Karen can streamline court procedures, decreasing unnecessary delays.

    Lastly, Karen understands the importance of promoting community engagement with the justice system. A justice that encourages dialogue between residents and the local judiciary can help build trust in our justice system. I am proud to support and vote for Karen Amundson this November.

    Frank McDermott