Just an observation

| 03 Aug 2020 | 01:53

    Amid COVID-19, the election and everything else going on in the world, I felt compelled to express a different observation.

    I speak for myself on this, but maybe you can relate. I find myself observing and appreciating much more of the world around me. Especially the wildlife that is Warwick and the Hudson Valley. I have seen things I never could have imagined.

    When was the last time, on a Saturday, you saw cars parked all up and down the roads in Harriman State Park and zero at Woodbury Commons?

    I have seen a Blue Heron standing quietly one minute and the next, dive bombing a fish and enjoying his lunch. All from six feet away in a kayak.

    I have watch turtles jump off rocks and take a swim.

    Been yelled at by a Mama bird for walking past her nest.

    Skip the fact that it was on my front porch and that’s the only way out of my house.

    Birds of all sizes, sounds and colors seem to be around more.

    I have noticed several very sweet Mommy and Baby deer families roaming around the Hudson Valley. Everyone I know seems to have a family in their yard. I have heard and seen babies strolling around, calling for their moms.

    Even the snake on the bike trail in Middletown didn’t bother me.

    It all makes me wonder, maybe they have been there all along and I was too busy to notice. Maybe for the first time, I have had the time to wait and notice.

    Sitting peacefully and watching the heron was far more fun then flipping thru the channels for a National Geographic episode.

    On the other hand, maybe the animals sense that things are slowing down a bit and they are not so afraid. More willing to let us into their world.

    I wish you peace and few quiet moments to take a walk or look out the window.

    Kathy Moran