Jazz thanks

| 31 Aug 2022 | 10:41

On behalf of the performing musicians, we thank The Village of Warwick, Warwick Historical Society, Town of Warwick, Albert Wisner Library, Warwick Reformed Church, On The Lawn Concerts, The Village of Greenwood Lake and you, the audience for helping make this year’s festival a success. We’re fortunate to have a deep resource of talent to perform. While not everyone participated, we hope to improve next season.

It was an honor to bring diverse music, from the funky Oz Noy on The Village Green to the trombone centered Slide Attack at the lake, Bill Ware’s vibes in the library, a composers 4-um at Buckbee Center, a sextet in Sugar Loaf and Latin Jazz in Lewis Park. Wonderful players all of them. Stay tuned for our upcoming monthly series.

Steve Rubin