Insurrection ala Trump

| 08 Jan 2021 | 02:37

    On Wednesday, Jan. 6, President Trump incited a mob to attack the Capitol because he was irate about losing the recent election.

    He actually convinced many of them that he won the election and the Democrats stole his victory.

    He said they could overturn the election by marching to the Capitol and he would march with them.

    All four of those outlandish statements were lies.

    The President and the mob caused tragic deaths.

    They caused panic among those in the Capitol, who wondered if they would have to fight their way out.

    It was gut-wrenching to anyone seeing this travesty and wondering where on earth the police were.

    It was more than a riot. It was an insurrection against the United States of America.

    The last time the Capitol was breached before this was 1812 and that was done by the British.

    In 1974, President Nixon betrayed our trust. Three Republicans - yes, Republicans - went to President and told him it was time to resign.

    Nixon resigned.

    Today’s Republicans have to be concerned about what malicious acts Trump will perpetrate against them if they stray from the gospel of Trump.

    Why is anyone puzzled about what to do with President Trump?

    He has broken his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

    He has conducted an overt act of betrayal to the country he promised to serve.

    January 20 seems to be light years away. What else will he try to pull off in the next few days?

    Trump must go.

    Adrienns Strehlow


    Editor’s note: The three Republicans who told Nixon it was time to leave were U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, U.S. House Minority Leader John Rhodes, also of Arizona, and U.S. Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania.