‘In stormy seas, we need steadiness at the helm’

| 10 May 2021 | 11:18

    Dear Warwick residents,

    We unequivocally support the re-election of Dave Eaton, Sharon Davis and Lynn Lillian to the Board of Education of the Warwick Valley School District.

    Together, we have 14 children currently attending school in the district, ranging from elementary to high school, and nine former students.

    We come from different political persuasions and work across the fields of counselling, education, (including special education), sales, medicine, finance, manufacturing and clerical along with a small business owner, and a former New York City Police captain.

    The success of any school board depends upon skillfully managing a long-term vision for student progress and the adoption of policies to achieve that vision, all the while balancing a budget to achieve this for the tax paying residents of our community.

    We should recognize that it is not an easy endeavor, oftentimes thankless and with time-consuming administrative duties.

    Warwick school board members have been on the receiving end of both in-person and online vitriol and misinformation. We have all wondered at some point, why would anyone want to be on the school board?

    Therefore, it is to be admired, not admonished, that the three incumbent members should take it upon themselves to again seek this vital public service role for the benefit of our town and children.

    As members Dave Eaton, Sharon Davis and Lynn Lillian have preserved their pragmatism, integrity and compassion through tough financial times, burdensome state mandates, and of course, the most unprecedented educational challenge of recent times, a global pandemic.

    They have exactly the experience and temperament we need to meet the moment at hand.

    In stormy seas, we need steadiness at the helm.

    Please vote Tuesday, May 18.

    Suzanne and Jack Berkowitz

    Bridin Byrne and Pete Ladouceur

    Shelby Conneely and Terrence Nolan

    Maria Costa

    Megan and Brendan Finn

    Karen and Brian Hurd

    Kim and Mike McGowan

    Ann and Steve Pack

    Eileen and Marc Pfingst