‘If we don’t take back the wheel soon, there will be much stormier seas ahead’

| 08 Mar 2021 | 07:34

    We are living in dangerous times and I’m not talking about climate change, near earth asteroids, or the robot dog from Boston Dynamics.

    I’m talking about cancel culture, being woke and absence of logic.

    What is the goal here?

    Is it tolerance or adherence?

    Why do these people think they are the paragons of virtue?

    Can anyone come up with a concept more restrictive?

    Who wants to be controlled?

    Is there no more freedom of thought? Freedom to make independent decisions?

    Can’t we focus on what kids need, in order to be successful in life?

    My father was not elegant with words but he always taught me to treat people the way I want to be treated. Seems rudimentary, but the simplicity highlights the beauty.

    I went to grammar school in Florida, N.Y., taught by aging white nuns from the Bronx. In today’s standards, I guess this would not be considered diverse.

    However, they did an exemplary job and saw the big picture ... in the 1980’s: Learn from people with different backgrounds and cultures, celebrate diversity and embrace people from different places.

    Saying I stand up against racism is like saying I stand up for eating food.

    Who are these people? Are they just as active in trying to control our thoughts as they are in supporting our incredible teachers who guide our children, at the same time, raising their own?

    How about we celebrate and support them.

    Do we really think forcing our children to see the world through a racially obsessed lens will help them be successful? Who appointed them?

    It’s a really simple action plan: Kindness should be our beacon of light, no matter how difficult or the outcome. Thank you, Sr. Alice and all my wonderful teachers and staff at St. Joseph’s School from 1981-1993.

    If we don’t take back the wheel soon, there will be much stormier seas ahead.

    Let’s please re-introduce logic into our lives.

    God Bless America.


    Philip J. Ahrens