‘If we don’t patronize our local restaurants, they don’t eat either’

| 01 Nov 2021 | 07:53

As we come out from under COVID-19. it is important to patronize your neighborhood restaurants during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.

It runs from Nov. 1 through 14.

My wife and I don’t mind occasionally paying a little more to help our favorite restaurants survive.

Don’t forget your cook and server.

We try to tip 20 percent against the total bill including taxes. If it is an odd amount, we round up to the next dollar. I

f we can afford to eat out, we can afford an extra dollar tip.

When ordering take out, we always leave a dollar or two for the waiter or cook. It is appreciated.

The restaurant industry employees thousands of people in Hudson Valley communities. This includes bar tenders, waiters, bus boys, cooks and cashiers, wholesale food sellers, distributors and linen suppliers.

There are also construction contractors who renovate or build new restaurants.

Our local entrepreneurs work long hours, pay taxes and provide local employment. If we don’t patronize our local restaurants, they don’t eat either.


Larry Penner

Great Neck