‘I, for one, am grateful to Colin Schmitt for taking a stand toward protecting our children from indoctrination’

| 28 Aug 2021 | 02:05

    I have recently read some letters attacking the paper for its coverage of Critical Race Theory and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s bill to ban this Marxist ideology from being taught to our children.

    , demanding academic integrity and to those of you who simply report the news instead of selectively censuring it.

    It is disappointing that our local press would be attacked for covering important local issues and news. You frequently report on elected officials from both parties and consider every philosophical angle; something that We the People need to have robust public debate so that the best ideas can emerge having survived the test of scrutiny.

    Those who attack agents of free speech weaken our nation by demanding censorship of those with differing opinions. This only creates a mindless echo chamber where repetitive messaging is mistaken for truth and where progress & innovation die. I implore you to stand your ground to objectively report the news, and uphold free and fair public debate. Otherwise, what would become of you?

    Please do not be bullied by those who use their right to free speech in attempt to deprive others who disagree with them, of their right free speech. You should continue to cover what matters to all your readers and a majority of us thank you for it.


    Janet Stelz