I applaud Assemblyman Schmitt for visiting our nation's southern border

| 03 Sep 2019 | 08:40

    To the Editor:

    I want to applaud Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for taking the initiative to visit our nation's southern border and researching first hand what is happening with the ongoing immigration debate.

    The State Assembly has been on a nonstop push this year passing bills to benefit illegal immigrants and impacting immigration policy.

    These bills are brought up frequently and I believe most if not all our state officials have no expert knowledge, experience or research on this subject matter. Being a leader means doing what ever it takes to get the facts and the truth.

    I have experience dealing with the immigration process. My wife immigrated to this country and entered legally with the appropriate documentations and procedures outlined by the U.S. State Department and U.S. Immigration officials. In addition, my parents immigrated to this great country legally. As a retired Federal Bureau of Prisons supervisor, I've seen first-hand the negative impact that criminal illegal aliens have on our communities.

    Clearly Assemblyman Schmitt is willing to go the extra mile for our district and state. I have never seen an official with the dedication and passion of Colin Schmitt and I urge him to keep his efforts up on behalf of all of us.

    Panagiotis Dedes