How you can show your appreciation to a law enforcement officer every day

| 15 Jan 2020 | 12:27

Editor's note: Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus, Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois, and Mike McGinn, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Jason Conklin Memorial Lodge 957, issued a statement recognizing Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, an annual nationwide day of support for police officers, established by the organization Concerns of Police Survivors, which was held on Jan. 9.

District Attorney Hoovler: Police officers risk their lives every day, to serve us, and all too frequently they lose their lives or suffer significant injury in that service. We count on police officers for safety and, often, even our lives. But for many, the sacrifices of police officers are ignored, in favor of advancing political agendas that seek to blame police officers in those extremely rare cases where their duty to all of us requires them to use force. Rather than unfairly putting police officers under a microscope, we should be supporting them, every day, not just on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

County Executive Steve Neuhaus: Law Enforcement Appreciation Day provides another opportunity for all of us to support law enforcement. Orange County is proud to stand with law enforcement and we will continue to work closely with these men and women who put their lives at risk every day to keep our communities safe. I urge residents to support law enforcement today and every day.”

County Sheriff Carl DuBois: Our men and women in law enforcement do a difficult and demanding job every day to keep our villages, towns, cities, and county safe, maintaining order and protecting the members of our communities from malicious violence and crime,.

Mike McGinn: The Fraternal Order of Police encourages the members of all communities in Orange County to express their appreciation to the men and women of law enforcement that work tirelessly every day to keep you and your families safe.

Show your support
Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and Concerns of Police Survivors have suggested several ways that citizens may show their support for police officers:
Change their profile pictures on social media to the image provided at
Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.
Send a card of support to their local police departments or state police agencies.
Share a story on social media about a positive law enforcement experience.
Ask children in their communities to write letters in support of law enforcement.
Participate in Project Blue Light, by proudly displaying a blue light in support of law enforcement.
Organize an event or a rally in support of their law enforcement officers.
Advertise their support through local media outlets or billboards.
Post a public service announcement supplied by COPS to their organization’s webpage or social media pages.
Most importantly, if they see a police officer, thank a police officer.