Happy Fourth of July

| 26 Jun 2024 | 10:20

    It’s Independence Day

    And we’ll all sing and dance

    Today and we’ll remember our

    Loved ones who fought for

    Our freedom and it

    Came with

    A heavy price

    War is not pretty

    nor is it nice

    So let’s take a minute

    To remember our

    Brave men and women

    Who sadly passed away

    Fighting for our freedom

    And the fireworks

    Has just begun and

    The kids are having so

    Much fun waving American flags

    And while the adults have a few

    Beers and

    Hug and kiss each other

    And everyone is full of love

    So raise your glass or your can

    Of beer and

    Toast for the Fourth of July

    And it’s a beautiful

    And perfect day to

    Celebrate our Independence Day

    Fourth of July

    Fourth of July

    And this special day is

    Forever inside our hearts

    Our freedom

    And liberty we won so let’s

    Get this party started

    And we’ll have so much fun and

    We’ll never forget our true heros who

    Died for this day so scream out loud

    Happy Fourth of July and

    God bless you all and peace and love

    To every American on our Independence Day.

    David P. Carroll

    New York, NY