Good news for everyone

| 29 Jan 2021 | 02:54

    Kudos to President Biden for his comprehensive and exciting climate initiative announced on January 28. It is a first step in tackling this serious and existential climate challenge that has been ignored far too long.

    Among its many bold components is the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps, modelled after one of FDR’s most successful and creative strategies used during the Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps.

    This plan will provide a myriad of conservation jobs for young people and out-of-work Americans in both rural and urban areas that are suffering the most negative impact from climate change, possibly including here in Orange County.

    At the same time it re-introduces the idea of national service, an idea that could help us to heal and come together during this time of national division.

    The CCC was win-win in the 1930’s and it can be for us in the 2020’s.

    Thank you, President Biden, for your leadership and vision.

    Louise Reavis