God sent me an angel

| 30 Jun 2017 | 03:24

    I left my apartment on June 10, heading to South Street to watch the Fireman's Parade.
    I had made it to Stanley Demming Park when I began to feel faint and sweat began to pour from my body.
    I sat on a bench, hoping it would pass when a lady passed by and asked if I was OK.
    When I answered no, she asked if I had water and again I answered no and she walked away.
    I wondered why she even asked if she was not going to help me. Little did I know she was from the Ambulance Corps. Within minutes, she was back with help and an ambulance.
    The God that I love and trust sent an angel to watch over me.
    I don't even know her name.
    Thank you, God, for watching over me.
    Thank you for my angel and the ambulance crew that took care of me.
    Forever grateful,
    Lena L. Logan