Food for thought

| 09 Nov 2017 | 06:47

    I have read, with interest, the plans for Yesterday's and the concern of some village residents.
    I wonder if the owners of Yesterday's have considered the former Barnsider in Sugar Loaf as a possible location for their expansion and beer garden. It certainly has the room, ample parking and a loyal customer base that would travel a few miles down the road to support their new home.
    In addition, Sugar Loaf needs its anchor back. The charm of this quaint craft village has been slowly disappearing. It is time more is done to revitalize it. Imagine what a boost a new restaurant, beer garden, brew pub or cidery in this central location would have on the village, local merchants and the town, including the theater where there is so much artistic and musical potential. Such an addition would draw people from near and far, enrich the local community and protect it for the future.
    Food for thought? Maybe. Certainly, an idea to think about whether it is Yesterday's or a special place for a new owner willing to invest in a win-win.
    L. Meagher