Fines for littering

| 06 Dec 2021 | 01:58

    Recently I stopped with my family at a beautiful scenic overlook and, looking down, all I could see was the trash that people had discarded at that beautiful site.

    It made me sick. It hurts my heart to think people can be so disrespectful to our country and the earth maybe we should be teaching this in our schools and our churches.

    Big fines should be enforced, trash cans placed at scenic overlooks, etc. Maybe parolees can do community service by cleaning up our road sides.

    New York is such a beautiful state. When people come to visit they should see its beauty and not be distracted and disheartened by the litter.

    Please let’s clean up New York. If you see something, pick it up. Don’t walk by. If everybody does a little, maybe other people would do the same. Every action has a reaction.

    I love this state and this country. Be proud, be respectful, let’s teach our children.

    Lori Palmer