Facts matter

| 02 Mar 2021 | 02:52

    Good day fellow Warwickians.

    After a brief respite I feel compelled to speak regarding issues of concern by fellow citizens of our fair town.

    Right out of the gate let me say that I have and continue to support Donald Trump.

    For the folks that didn’t recoil in horror and disdain, read on.

    Do I agree with everything he said or did? Nope. To be fair, I could say that about just about anyone and they of me. That’s OK: you do you, I will do me an it’s all good.

    I haven’t lashed out regarding the election. My guy lost, their guy won, move on.

    I had the same feelings four years ago in reverse, but was puzzled by the outrage and vitriol but, whatever.

    We’re all good now right?

    I find it Ironic how the calls for “unity and cooperation” rain down from on high. Couldn’t find that anywhere for the past four years. I know, the “Orange man” divided us. Gotcha.

    I find it ironic that a recent letter cited the filibuster rule as needing to go, citing Republican use of it to block the Civil Rights Act.

    But there is a little irony to this. The truth is that the filibuster has existed practically forever, not from the Founding Fathers. Oh no, this is a truly modern wonder designed to further cloud the waters of government.

    The two longest filibusters in history:

    Strom Thurmond in 1957: 24 hours 18 minutes (better call Guinness World Records)

    Robert Byrd in 1964: 14 hours 13 minutes

    Those evil Republicans. Oops, my bad: they were both Democrats (also though Strom Thurmond changed to Republican in 1964).

    The topic of both filibusters? Blocking the Civil Rights Act.

    Oh and the topper: Robert Byrd was the leader of his local KKK chapter.

    I participated in the Trump rally through Warwick and some others and I wasn’t thrilled with the volume level. What bothered me more was the vulgarity and profanity directed at myself and others driving through our town. I got it, guilt by association. There were some asshats to be sure - on both sides. And for the record, I had my campaign signs stolen twice off my front lawn.

    I agree that intolerance like everything else starts at home. How do you talk to your kids? Around your kids? They are a reflection of all of us.

    I do not profess to know the battles that many of my fellow citizens face every day.

    I do know that I do not wage war against anyone by my words or actions - exactly the opposite.

    What troubles me is the persistent need to keep folks tearing each other apart on social media and on the street over difference’s of opinion.

    The violence in DC on Jan. 6 was disgusting as was the summer of hate, destruction and death which occurred all over our nation.

    There is never justification for destruction of property or taking of a life in the name of social injustice or political zeal.

    I realize that this letter will outrage some, causing seething resentment and denouncement. OK, your choice and right - just like mine to pen this.

    I want Joe Biden to succeed, just like I wanted Trump, Obama, Bush and all before them to.

    I bear no animosity or ill will toward anyone, never have, never will.

    I do see in our town as across the nation, folks so polarized in their views and vicious in their rebuke of anyone who dares disagree.

    As Rodney King said: “Can’t we all just get along?”

    Feeding the beast of intolerance and discourse that currently roams our nation imperils the future for all of us. Would you say in person what you so loudly proclaim from the safety of your keyboard or phone?

    I was brought up to look a person in the face and say what you needed or wanted to say, not to slink in the shadows and gossip and talk smack.

    I want our nation to succeed for all of its citizens. Let us agree that we can disagree and yet still want the same things such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Peace .

    James Mehling