Equal time for a Trump defender

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| 13 Jul 2022 | 01:17

    To the editor:

    Michael Sussman’s long letter about Donald Trump, Election Fraud and the Supreme Court caught my eye, but I need some equal time to respond from the other side. Michael has been a friend of our family for years and will not take offense and none is intended.

    As a Conservative, I think that Donald Trump did a truly remarkable job as our 45th President. All he accomplished from our booming economy, to the border wall, the Keystone Pipeline and energy independence from OPEC, cutting taxes, plus not starting another Endless War, has all been trashed by Biden on his first day in office. Now we have War in Ukraine because of Biden’s weakness. Trump had warned Putin he’d take out the golden onion towers on the Kremlin if he made a move and Putin believed him.

    But now America is in decline. In fact, we are in deep trouble and we all know it. Yes, there was election fraud in 2020 and President Trump was replaced by a pathetic old man who spoke to fewer than a dozen people at his dreary little parking lot Rallies and then supposedly won by 81 million votes? No way. Sorry. Just because some judges threw out evidence of election fraud, does not prove that there was no evidence of election fraud.

    As for the much maligned Supreme Court, they did right by sending Roe v Wade back to the 50 States to the people’s real elected Representatives, in keeping with the 10th Amendment. Most Americans don’t take kindly to to being ordered around by the Feds and we have fought this issue for 50 years. The old Sixties mantra of Safe, Legal and Rare had become nothing but a broken promise to civilized members of the human race. However, abortion has been legal in New York State since 1970, before Roe, and nothing will change! The drama in the streets needs to stop.

    Donald Trump took no salary as President, he donated it to charity. He took no bribes from China, Ukraine or Russia. He rebuilt our Military and put America First. Is he a crazy narcissistic totalitarian Racist ? Hardly. Trump never called American citizens deplorables, bitter clingers or domestic terrorists. Trump is the most popular political figure in the US according to a recent Harvard Poll. While Biden is selling us out to China and throwing us to the wolves. Oddly, Trump was once quoted as saying, “If they throw me to the wolves, I’ll come back leading the Pack”... and I wouldn’t count him out.

    What happens next, I don’t know, but it will be written about by Presidential historians for years to come.

    Deborah C. Diltz

    Chester, NY