‘Don’t use The Warwick Advertiser to breed divisiveness’

| 10 Aug 2021 | 02:28

    I’m very concerned and disappointed in the editorial decision to print the banner headline and related two-page article in the Aug. 6 Warwick Advertiser, concerning local school curriculum.

    Giving a politician a vehicle to spread fear and false information to help him gain votes is unconscionable.

    NYS Education Dept. has no plans to introduce Critical Race Theory into the public school system, not now or in the future.

    CRT is a course available to college graduate students attaining an advance degree in law.

    Politicians have been using it as a flash point to get them in the news by misleading people into thinking CRT is being considered by local school administrations.

    We need to exercise compassion and understanding toward one another in our community by acknowledging what we share is more powerful than what divides us. And the most important element we share is the desire to have quality education for our children.

    We should be embracing the richness of our diverse views and opinions to find solutions.

    Please don’t use The Warwick Advertiser to breed divisiveness in our wonderful community.

    Michael Needleman