'Do the right thing, not the easy thing'

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:28

    I feel for the Village of Warwick Planning Board.
    They have a terribly difficult decision to make in regards to the proposed 3,600 plus square-foot bar/restaurant at 16 Elm St.
    A decision that will most likely result in lawsuits regardless of the outcome.
    I would like to remind the members of the Planning Board that they are public servants to the Village of Warwick.
    They are not servants exclusively to the merchants, bars and restaurants.
    Although the word public encompasses the latter, it also includes all the residents, families and homeowners that comprise this village.
    In this circumstance, we have the interest of one business owner versus the interests of nearly 20 families and homeowners.
    Not many residents are entirely aware of how invasive this new build will be to this quiet neighborhood. Yesterday's has the right to build a new structure, but clearly this location is wrong.
    The building is only in the planning stages.
    The property has not changed hands.
    They can choose to build elsewhere.
    The many families who have houses surrounding 16 Elm and have invested years, some nearly fifty, cannot easily do the same.
    I urge the Village of Warwick Planning Board to do the right thing, not the easy thing.
    Warwick residents matter.
    Michael Gaydos