Deciding to ride

| 13 Dec 2022 | 02:10

Dear Editor:

The winter holiday season is a special time for so many, as people gather to exchange gifts and bask in the warm joy of being with friends and family. Budweiser and Dana Distributors love to be a part of these moments where people come together and raise a glass to another year of merriment and look to a new year filled with happiness. And what makes these moments even better is when everyone is safe when celebrating.

Before you gather around the table with friends and family, think about making the smart decision if you are raising a glass this season. When you plan ahead before festivities and request an Uber Ride, you are making sure your gathering is merry and bright.

Planning ahead and choosing to ‘Decide to Ride’ helps ensure you and others stay safe when you are enjoying a cold Budweiser with family and friends. Over the last 35 years, Budweiser and Dana Distributors have worked together to invest more than $1 billion in responsible drinking initiatives and community-based programs to prevent underage drinking, impaired driving and other harmful uses of alcohol. This year, all of us at Dana Distributors have joined forces with Anheuser-Busch, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber to encourage everyone to plan ahead for a safe ride and ‘Decide to Ride’ if you are drinking. You can’t drive drunk if you don’t drive there.

‘Decide to Ride’ and help make this a bright, joyous, and fun-filled holiday season. Thank you for a great year! Wishing you the happiest of holidays!


Tom Kennedy

General Sales Manager

Dana Distributors, Inc.