Davis, Lillian and Eaton for Warwick Valley School Board

| 26 Apr 2021 | 12:10

    We are fortunate to have such a competent, hardworking school board in Warwick. On May 18, we have the chance to re-elect three incumbents, Sharon Davis (currently president), Lynn Lillian (former president) and Dave Eaton.

    Davis, Lillian, and Eaton have supported an excellent educational environment in Warwick while keeping a lid on taxes. There will be no tax increase for 2021-22 and from 2014 to 2019, school taxes increased only 1.62 percent.

    Nevertheless, the district increased technology and arts offerings, approved 40 new courses since 2014-2015, established an in-district career and technical program and supported 22 sports teams.

    Warwick has been awarded various honors, such as Blue Ribbon Elementary Schools, U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools and New York State Reward/Recognition High School.

    Careful planning enabled Warwick to continue more in-person instruction than other districts during the pandemic.

    Such achievements depend on responsible, dedicated board members who work well with each other and focus on creating a system where students can fulfill their potential and be ready to step into the future.

    Be sure to put May 18 on your calendar, and please join me in voting for such candidates: Sharon Davis, Lynn Lillian, and Dave Eaton.

    Mary Makofske