Dan Mahoney: Why I’m running for School Board

| 10 May 2022 | 11:31

    To the Editor:

    The Supreme Court wrote in Wisconsin v. Yoder, “The history and culture of Western

    civilization reflect a strong tradition of parental concern for the nurture and upbringing of

    their children. This primary role of parents in the upbringing of their children is now

    established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition.” The importance of

    fostering collaboration between parents, students and education professionals creates an

    optimal learning environment for every student’s success.

    Citizens exercise their privilege at the ballot box determining which candidates to entrust

    with one of the most important responsibilities: helping to plan for the education of their

    community’s children. School boards are a unique American institution. As elected

    officials, self-government is the cornerstone of democracy.

    The pandemic has had devastating impacts on learning and academic normalcy is out of

    reach for many students, due in part, to school districts waiting on guidance from Albany

    rather than establishing goals and objectives to meet the needs of local stakeholders.

    Warwick’s ability to minimize these impacts was built around the school board and

    superintendent’s desire to provide parents with a choice in their children’s educational

    needs. Parent’s voices were heard through the use of surveys enabling the administration

    to ensure as much in-person learning as was available. Warwick was one of the few districts

    that established this precedent early on. As the negative effects become more evident,

    from lockdowns and continuous remote learning in other districts, positive collaboration

    between parents and the administration will have been proven a true success.

    Dan Mahoney