Culture wars threaten nation and community

| 03 May 2022 | 04:01

    While some parents have sincere objections to what is being taught in schools, it’s crucial to remember what outside forces are pushing the culture wars agenda, and why. The ultimate purpose of the attack on schools is to destroy our public education. The powerful people behind this attack are upfront about this goal.

    Many are not aware that Christopher Rufo, a right-wing provocateur, who helped develop the attacks on “critical race theory” and L.G.B.T.Q. education, has openly admitted he wants to destroy public education in our country. He’s said his goal is “universal school distrust.”

    Republican lawmakers across the country are threatening teachers and school districts, passing laws that could withdraw funding or discipline or fire teachers if they do not adhere to the party line. These goals are related to other ultra-conservative moves to privatize or severely hamstring other public institutions.

    What happens to a democratic society that loses trust in its institutions, particularly education? It becomes ripe for authoritarianism. Our institutions may need reform and strengthening, but destroying faith in their very existence will destroy our nation.

    Ask yourself who benefits, and who profits, from the culture wars and bitter conflicts we are enduring. Not the average citizen. Not the children. Not our country.

    And now this conflict has come into our own town. Rather than focusing on continuing to improve education for all our students, some aim to narrow the focus to culture wars invented by national right-wing organizations. The upcoming school board election is crucial. Vanessa Holland and incumbent Eileen Gagliano are committed to quality education for all students, not a narrow agenda. See, and please vote for them on May 17.

    Mary Makofske