Crossing lines

| 20 Feb 2024 | 10:39

    We are living through mass socio-political change. Russia seeks to redraw their borders with the Ukraine. Palestine’s Hamas is facing off with Israel. Guyana and Venezuela are at odds with their boundary lines.

    The death of rule-based international borders is right around the next political corner. President Trump may, if re-elected, allow nation states to write their own border lines. President Biden is losing his ability to support attacked nation states. Our national budget can only be stretched so far in supporting weak countries.

    China is already well established, with an economic stronghold, in Central and South America plus the Caribbean. Rest assured the Chinese military will be deployed to protect those economic ventures. Concurrently, we have failed to protect America in cyberspace. We have known for decades the power of the cyber military of China, North Korea and their peer or puppet sidekick allies.

    We add to the above our American southern border fiasco. Sanctuary city proclamations for migrants are far worse than any Second Amendment Sanctuary proclamation. We are economically incapable or maybe incompetent to handle migrants. The migrant crisis is the loaded gun that will cripple our city, states, and federal budgets.

    Lines have been crossed before in America. Our American Revolution and Civil War were premised on economics in their base truths (British taxation and cheap agricultural labor via slavery). Our recent wars from Vietnam and its oil through today were also money motivated. Lines are crossed mainly for power and or money.

    Quickly switch to social media. Accounts, like Facebook, X, and others, are about money. What is the purpose to police the hate core, if it may lose social media moguls money? Yes, we have crossed the social and political lines for the almighty dollar.

    Kevin Holian

    Dingman Township