Corey Bachman ‘will be an asset to the Village Board’

| 25 Aug 2020 | 11:07

    The actions of an individual help us to define both their character and the passions that motivate them. In reviewing the various ways that Corey Bachman has chosen to spend his time and energy we can only conclude that he cares deeply for Warwick and would be a valued addition to the Warwick Village Board.

    Corey has regularly attended village meetings in person before COVID and online since. He is learning as much as he can about the current policies of the village government which will help him to move forward with a stronger understanding developed by this commitment. He spends time asking questions, always learning.

    Apparently, others see the value of having someone with the integrity of Corey Bachman on their team as he was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Warwick Historical Society and the Board of Directors for the Warwick Lions Club.

    In casual conversation with some friends, recently, I was surprised by many of them telling me they met Corey. In pre-Covid times he went door-to-door in the village to engage with people to hear their thoughts.

    He puts in the time to connect and understand the issues that are on the minds of people in the village of Warwick.

    At this time many us are concerned with commercial overdevelopment finding its way to our town. Corey supports smart progress and is opposed to any large scale projects that are not aligned with the aesthetics and charm of our historic village.

    Whether attending Village meetings, or budget work sessions, Corey Bachman’s actions have already proven him to be a true asset to the Warwick community and I believe will continue to do so into the future.

    Susan Hope Fogel