Considering a run for a local election?

| 10 Nov 2021 | 01:29

    Do your values accord with social & environmental justice, nonviolence and grassroots democracy?

    These are the core values of the Green Party. Fortunately a chapter is active in our grand Hudson Valley. The chapter meets once/month via conference call.

    I encourage those who share these values to reach out, with interest and/or questions by emailing

    Our Facebook site, “Hudson Valley Green Party,” includes additional contact information.

    If you agree that money has negatively impacted the political arena, you will be pleased to learn that keeping money out of politics is a key component of the Greens’ commitment to grassroots democracy.

    Fall local elections are over, but perhaps this and other election seasons have prompted you to consider your own candidacy in a future election.

    If you uphold positions and values consistent with those of the Green Party, you can receive supportive guidance, be endorsed and receive campaign assistance.

    More information and the platforms of the Greens at the national and state levels can be found online at and

    Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

    Secretary, Hudson Valley Green Party