Congratulations, Team Warwick

| 07 Nov 2021 | 12:54

    Congratulations to our town elected incumbents on their election victory.

    This victory was only possible by the will of those who turned out and voted for this to occur. It is our duty to vote and that of our publicly elected individuals serve without bias and in the public trust as they carry on their term.

    This election, as others, is about choices of experience, leadership, accountability and committed management integrity. Yes, I am a registered Republican, although I consider myself a Constitutionalist. That being stated, I have to admit I have supported some Democrat Party candidates in the past. I look at political candidates past performance resume with a careful eye that wants to see success story, one after another with good core principles.

    A candidate looking to be elected solely for self-achievement usually doesn’t have the concerns of the constituents as a primary objective.

    On another note, to claim that Warwick is a racist community is a pure unadulterated falsehood. One person’s bad experience never represents the whole. I moved here 34 years ago and over the years, I have been involved in our community in various volunteer capacities.

    I consider myself lucky to have been born in a great nation and call myself an American Citizen first, being of Hispanic and Mediterranean heritage.

    In closing, my experience of living in Warwick has been one of; friendly, welcoming, working together with traditional values and up lifting spirit for the betterment of all.

    Again, congratulations to our elected public servants and all the best in carrying out their term of civic obligations.


    Ken Colomba