Community2gether: A statement against racism

| 08 Jun 2020 | 03:49

    Americans and people all over the world continue to gather and protest since the tragic murder of George Floyd last week. We mourn his death, along with Breonna Taylor’s, Ahmaud Arbery’s, Tony McDade’s and many other victims.

    We share the outrage of the protesters that are peacefully demonstrating and we stand with them demanding justice and to protest anti-Black racism and police brutality.

    We understand the anger and frustration that has resulted from the generations of abuse and murder of Black people and other people of color at the hands of those who are supposed to protect.

    The anger, frustration and pain are deep and justifiable.

    Black communities have not received equal justice under the law for centuries. The promise of the American Dream, has never truly been accessible to Black people and people of color.

    We must address and eliminate the systemic racism that is endemic, not only in our justice system but in our educational, housing, health and economic systems as well, if we are to truly heal and effect systemic transformation.

    Community2gether’s mission is “to connect and engage people to gather and implement ideas to improve our Town.”

    To this end, we understand that we must listen, educate ourselves and help to educate other members of our community to become better allies so that together, we can bring about real, lasting change because Black Lives Matter.

    Patricia McMillan

    President, Community2gether, Inc.