Celebrate the beauty of Warwick during Tree Planting Week, Nov. 2-6

Warwick. Tree Commission hosting Arbor Day planting Friday, Nov. 6, in Kings Estates playground.

| 26 Oct 2020 | 08:42

The Town of Warwick Tree Commission is hosting Tree Planting Week on Nov. 2-6.

According to tree commission member Karen Emmerich, the group will plant a variety of trees at several locations throughout the town to mark Arbor Day and celebrate the natural beauty of our town.

There will be an Arbor Day tree planting ceremony at the playground at Kings Estates on Friday, Nov. 6, beginning at 2 p.m.

Those locations where plantings will take place include Wickham Woodlands, Kings Estates and Airport Road Park. Emmerich said the group will be planting oak, sweetgum, dogwood, crabapple, copper beech and more hardwood trees at the locations.

“This is a good time to plant hardwood trees because they go dormant near the end of October,” said Emmerich. “This gives them time to get adjusted to the environment over the winter and come back in the spring.”

Evergreens are better planted in spring, she added.

Gift accepted

In all, the town’s tree commission will be planting 14 trees, something Emmerich said is the goal of the group after the town’s 2018 tree inventory.

“We should plant at least 14 trees per year in the town.”

The commission spreads its $2,000 budget across the town as best it can. The Warwick Valley Rotary has donated $500 to the tree commission the past several years, Emmerich said. “That’s been wonderful for us. It’s given us a real boost.”

Memorializing loved ones

The commission has a memorial tree program for people to pay tribute to loved ones who have passed or to celebrate an event or special person.

For more information, go to https://www.townofwarwick.org/warwick-tree-commission/

Village tree planting planned

The Village of Warwick will also plant trees during the Tree Planting Week at several locations including Maple Avenue and Park Way.

- Linda Smith Hancharick