Brabenec: Bail reform still needs repealing

Goshen /
| 08 Aug 2023 | 11:53

    In recent years, New York State has witnessed a concerning shift in its criminal justice system that threatens the safety and security of our communities. The misguided bail reform policies and lenient approach to criminal prosecution have left our citizens feeling vulnerable and our neighborhoods less safe. It’s time for us to recognize the urgent need to repeal these dangerous policies and recommit ourselves to a tough-on-crime approach that prioritizes public safety above all else.

    Bail reform, touted by some as a means of achieving justice and equity, has unfortunately resulted in the release of dangerous individuals back onto our streets. While the intention may have been noble, the reality is we have witnessed an alarming increase in repeat offenders who exploit the system’s weaknesses. Our communities deserve to feel safe and secure, and allowing repeat offenders to walk free without any meaningful consequences undermines that fundamental right.

    That’s why as your assemblyman, I introduced a bill with Sen. James Tedisco to repeal bail reform in its entirety. Our legislation has more than fifty cosponsors, but unfortunately, it has been repeatedly blocked for a floor vote by the Majority. It’s essential that individuals who break the law are held accountable for their actions, and bail reform has eroded this principle. We must restore the balance between personal liberties and public safety by reinstating a bail system that ensures those who pose a threat to our society remain behind bars until their trial.

    Equally concerning is the rise of soft-on-crime prosecution, where criminals are not met with the full force of the law. While rehabilitation and second chances are important, we cannot allow the pendulum to swing too far in the direction of leniency. Our law enforcement officers work tirelessly to apprehend criminals and protect our communities, and their efforts should not be in vain due to lax prosecution from radical district attorneys such as Alvin Bragg in Manhattan. We must stand up for the rights of victims and for the safety of our communities.

    Criminals who commit heinous acts should face the appropriate consequences, sending a clear message that New York state will not tolerate criminal behavior. This is not about being punitive for the sake of punishment; it is about ensuring justice and deterring crime in the first place.

    The well-being of our communities should always be our top priority. We cannot allow misguided policies to compromise the safety and security of our neighborhoods. As your assemblyman, and drawing on my heritage as the son of a New York Police Department officer, I will continue my work to repeal bail reform and put an end to soft-on-crime prosecution, restore confidence in our criminal justice system and ensure our communities remain strong, secure and resilient.

    Assemblyman Karl Brabenec represents the 98th District, which includes the towns of Deerpark, Greenville, Mount Hope, Wawayanda, Minisink, Warwick and Tuxedo, and portions of the towns of Goshen, Monroe and Ramapo.