Barn history

| 23 Jul 2022 | 03:09

    To The Editor:

    Some Warwickians do not know about the barn behind Baird’s Tavern .It was moved some years ago from the Key Bank parking lot to its present location. The top portion is outfitted to represent a doctor’s office at the turn of the 19th century. Many of the accoutrements were donated by the Bradner family.

    Pre-pandemic, the Warwick Historical Society hosted a yearly tour of all of their buildings for fourth graders including the barn. The classes would come in rotation for two days from all the local schools. I acted as docent for a few of those years donning white coat as Dr. Zorba and had a Nurse Rachett. I had the children look at the things their great grandparents experienced when seeing a doctor.

    We had stethoscopes and had the children listen to each others’ hearts and lungs. There was also a question and answer session with each group. One of the questions asked was how many of the kids had visited Disney World. Many of them raised their hands. When I said that when I was their age, my parents would not let me visit the Orange County Fair. Any ideas why? No answer. Ever hear of polio? No answer. They have all been vaccinated with the Salk vaccine and had no idea about polio . Thank goodness.

    Now we hear of the first case of polio in the United States since 2013 down in Rockland County. A young adult who is paralyzed.It occurred in a community known to be adverse to vaccinations in general.

    Reminds me of the down on his luck person who prayed to God to win the lottery. Month after month he checked the numbers and no luck. Finally God spoke to him: “ Do me a favor . Buy a ticket”.

    Gerry Freisinger, MD