Atrocity in Charlottesville, Virginia

| 17 Aug 2017 | 07:09

    Hate is hate. Losers do not get to decide what statues are placed in city parks. The concept of the Confederacy and its lost noble cause is as fake as "Gone With the Wind."
    We do not see statues of King George III all over Boston, NYC or Philadelphia do we?
    The only place statues of the Confederacy leadership should be is in a museum or on a battlefield such as Gettysburg or Antietam.
    My wife's uncle was killed fighting the Nazis in World War II and yet we see the horrid swastika flying over American soil.
    Hate speech is not acceptable, violence in the streets is not acceptable, using your vehicle as a terrorist weapon is not acceptable.
    And being in a position of authority, Mr. Trump, and not condemning the White Supremacists violence, is unacceptable.
    You use the politics of the ultra right to become the leader of this country and this atrocity which occurred in Charlottesville yesterday is laid squarely at your feet.
    Here endeth the lesson.
    Dr. Paul W. Freely