An invitation

| 20 Nov 2021 | 06:46

    The theft of We the People Warwick lawn signs from various locations around the town leads me to believe that the grassroots movement I started in March of 2021 to address the complex divisions we face in Warwick is considered a threat by some who live here.

    That is unfortunate because those signs are an invitation to share your views with others in the community.

    Won’t you instead perhaps consider joining that discussion?

    Many in this community know me for my passion in working to bring people together. My actions are woven into the living fabric of our community, where I have lived and worked for almost 50 years.

    I can only wonder why individuals felt so threatened by We the People Warwick that they were compelled to steal our signs.

    Over the years I have consistently promoted dialogue and peace initiatives with people of different beliefs and backgrounds here in Warwick. I never imagined that one day this type of work would be considered a threat to the community I love.

    My wish is for those who feel threatened to instead join us and share your views.

    Beverly Braxton