A time for change

| 20 Oct 2019 | 08:24

    If there was ever a time in this country’s history for a change, it is now.

    As Chairperson of the Warwick Town Democratic Committee, it is not only my duty, but is my pleasure to write this letter in support of our three outstanding candidates for public office in the Town of Warwick.

    Yes, Patricia McMillan, Corey Bachman and Christine Stage are three concerned citizens of our town who have stepped up at this time for change. Patricia and Corey are running for two open seats on the Town Council and Christine is running for Town Justice. I will let others submit their credentials, which are exemplary.

    I will urge our Town electorate to read about our candidates and to research the incumbents who are running for re-election and to decide on the merits.

    Then, vote!

    This year the State of New York has instituted early voting commencing Oct. 26 and running every day until Nov. 3.

    We are fortunate as Warwick Town Hall has been chosen as one of only seven early voting locations in Orange County. Of course, you can still cast your ballot on Nov. 5 at your usual polling location.

    Please take advantage of this opportunity to reinforce our democracy by electing Democratic Town Council members, who will listen to your concerns and present some alternatives at the Town Board level that will result in an even better Warwick.

    You may say, this town is fine the way it is. But, when is the last time another voice was on the Town Board to present alternate, and perhaps better ideas, for our Town to move forward?

    Now is the time. Vote Row A this October or November.

    Douglas R. Stage

    Warwick Town Democratic Committee, Chairperson