A response to Cuomo’s plan

| 12 Jul 2021 | 04:56

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Just what we need. Bigger government.

    The Office of Gun Violence Prevention.


    Let’s throw more money at a problem. That’s always the solution of the Far Left.

    Create the problem then spend money to fix it.

    The problem is it is never fixed. Another bottomless pit for hard working New Yorkers to satisfy some politician’s ego.

    And by the way, “systemic injustices that were exposed by COVID” as a leading cause of gun violence? Is the Governor kidding?

    How about politicians telling the police to stand down? Do you think that may had had a little to do with the increase in gun violence?

    And if he thinks more than 15,000 nursing home deaths is something to be proud of and emulate with this new plan, he needs to find a new job and fast. Just another smokescreen to try to cover up all of the Governor’s scandals.

    So what a better way to say to the New Yorkers in a campaign message, “look, I’ve instituted the Office of Gun Violence Prevention.”.

    Shame on us if we fall for that garbage. He’s already driven New York off the cliff. What’s next?

    I know half of you reading this are livid right now. But hold on, read to the end.

    I denounce gun violence, or any kind of violence. Make no mistake.

    But there are simple solutions which worked, but were thrown out with the bath water by our politicians.

    For example, stop and frisk. It worked. Done right, it doesn’t violate any person’s rights.

    But no, the politicians took that successful strategy out of the tool box used by law enforcement.

    So what has that led to? Numerous homicides and shootings of innocent people and law enforcement Officers. How many could have been prevented had stop and frisk been in use?

    Ask the poor families of those who were killed what they think. But they nor the victims count in the eyes of the politicians.

    No, it’s always about how the Left can use a tragedy to their advantage. Just ask Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to President Obama and former Mayor of Chicago. Need I say more?

    Another tool taken away by our politicians is bail. Good idea to hold someone in jail for a violent crime. Or so I thought. But the brilliant minds of our state government don’t think so. And what happens?

    The violent offenders are literally back on the street before the police officer has written the report, only to prey upon more innocent people. And people died as a result. That’s a fact.

    When people are arrested, the district attorneys are now either reducing or dropping charges instead of using the law to send a loud signal to those who use firearms in crimes and for judges to issue harsh sentences.

    And rather than defund the police, how about supporting them. Not only with funds but words, too. As we know, words matter.

    The police know better than the politicians what works and what doesn’t. They put their lives on the line for each of us. Time that we support them.

    I’ve just given you four proven ideas how to stop gun violence: reinstitute stop and frisk; reinstitute bail; charge the highest crime and mete out the harshest sentences; support the police.

    It’s time citizens step up and be counted. Enough is enough. Vote your conscience!

    And finally, my solution isn’t costing $138.7 million dollars.

    George P. Wilcha