A NYS Constitutional Convention would be 'a wasteful, impractical project'

| 29 Oct 2017 | 04:43

    A boondoggle, according to Merriam Webster, is a wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft.
    It is also an apt description of the proposed New York State Constitutional Convention. The New York State League of Women Voters estimates that the cost of the convention would be in the neighborhood of $300 million.
    A large part of that expense will be the delegates’ double salaries. Yes, you read that correctly. The judges, legislators and other public officials will be paid for attending the convention in addition to their other government salaries.
    A constitutional convention is unnecessary as well as exorbitant. State lawmakers can modify the constitution by simply proposing amendments that must pass two consecutive sessions of the Legislature before being sent to the voters for ratification.
    Extra burden on the taxpayer: $.0
    Now for the good news. On Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th, we the voters will have an opportunity to say NO to a New York State Constitutional Convention.
    I understand that this item will be on the back of the ballot, so please remember to flip it over.
    And let's all remember to vote.
    Anita Page