‘A lie ... a deep truth’

| 23 Aug 2021 | 01:46

    Your Aug. 6th headline that CRT “rewrites history . . . and provides false narrative” contains a lie and points to a deep truth.

    First the lie.

    It is a lie to say CRT provides “false narrative.” CRT provides no narrative of any kind. It provides no text to slip into history books. It does provide another way for scholars to look at past and present events.

    When Schmitt says that CRT “rewrites history” he affirms the truth that CRT provides scholars another way of looking at the events of our past.

    Different ways of looking at phenomena create revolutions. Copernicus started a revolution with his theory that the sun, not the earth, is at the center of our world. A hundred years later the church punished Galileo for holding the Copernican viewpoint.

    There is always resistance to seeing things from a new perspective.

    All academic fields advance when small groups of scholars find that a new way of looking at phenomena is more productive.

    If CRT proves an intellectually more productive way of looking at social phenomena, it will become more widely used as a framework for examining these phenomena.

    Then histories may be rewritten.

    James L. Neujahr