‘A cowardice endemic’

| 15 Feb 2021 | 01:49

    On Saturday we witnessed 43 Republican Senators violate their oath of office to defend our nation and our Constitution from the treasonous acts of Donald J. Trump.

    Their failure to convict shows a cowardice endemic to the Republican Party. The evidence presented at the trial was overwhelming. The facts presented showed Trump was solely responsible for inciting a mass of traitors to storm the Capital and attempt to overturn the results of one of the most secure elections in history by claiming non-existent massive voter fraud.

    Fortunately not all Republicans were cowed by Trump as seven Republican senators voted according to their oaths to protect our nation from future attempts from demagogues to subvert our system of government.

    It is time for our nation to heal from the chaos and lies that was fostered upon us for the last four years by the most unqualified person ever to hold office.

    I know that it will take time as there are still many Trump supporters believing the lies as evidenced by a couple of letters published in viewpoints on Feb 12 that asserted unfounded nonsense about the election being fraudulent and that President Biden will bring us down the road of socialism/communism.

    These arguments are the same tired arguments of people who can’t argue facts but only can assert misinformation and inflammatory statements. Each of us may assert different opinions but facts are facts, unfortunately too many Trump supporters believe in the validity of “alternate facts” which are nothing more than unfounded allegations.

    There was not any evidence of fraud that had any bearing on the outcome of the election. The fraud allegations were dismissed by courts, state certifications of the election results after exhaustive investigation by each state and the Department of Justice of the United States.

    All Trump supporters can do is repeat the lies of their leader. Their loyalty to this man is reminiscent of devotion to a cult leader. What happened on January 6th will go down in history as a stain upon our democracy and the failure of the Republicans to hold Trump to account will shame the GOP in the eyes of history.

    At least Trump is gone and hopefully will be held to account in the criminal courts of the United States for his nefarious behavior that had debased our nation during his tenure.

    John R. Miller

    West Milford