16 Elm Street: 10 hard questions

| 29 Jun 2017 | 06:59

    1. Is the lot at 16 Elm St. questionable as a feasible revenue producing area for a bar/restaurant?
    2. Who is held accountable if a building is erected and years later abandoned?
    3. Who exactly oversees the planning board and checks that they are being both fair and unbiased?
    4. Has the real possibility of being sued by the applicant effectively changed the way the planning board votes?
    5. Why does it appear that the opinions of the merchants carry more weight than that of the citizens?
    6. Why aren't the environmental issues being more thoroughly examined considering this lot was once the Railroad Roundhouse?
    7. Why was the applicant's EAF form so lacking that residents had to hire an expert to effectively do the job they were intended to?
    8. Why is the Planning Board reluctant to have a public hearing before the SEQR Declaration of Significance as many communities already do?
    9. Why hasn't the Village Board visited the proposed site?
    10. Does the proposed bar/restaurant fit in with the Village of Warwick's Comprehensive Plan to preserve and enhance?
    Michael Gaydos